Curriculum Intent – How we are developing our children to fulfill their potential as Scientists.

At St George’s, children show a passion for science through a well-sequenced and challenging curriculum. Children are given opportunities to develop the characteristics of scientists and explore, discuss and question to deepen their understanding of the world around them.

Science at St George’s is very unique. Rather than teaching in blocks or units, we teach a different topic each week. One week children might be learning about plants and trees and the following week, properties of materials.

Not only has the engagement in Science lessons increased, but also retention of knowledge and use of vocabulary. Children learn their substantive knowledge and then have opportunities to apply this through a range of disciplinary (knowledge) strategies along with differentiated working scientifically targets.

In 2023, we are excited to have received £20,000 from a local business to design and develop our own Eco Garden. We are in the process of putting our plans together and we can’t wait for the children to use the learning space, but also to supplement many local habitats and microhabitats.

At St George’s, we encourage children to think about STEM vocations from an early age. Our successful yearly STEM Fortnight includes many local businesses such as Rolls Royce, JCB, Packington Farm, Seven Trent along with larger nationwide businesses like Asda. We encourage children to consider many STEM vocations, many of which, many do not realise are considered as a STEM Career.

Children have many personal development opportunities in Science that not only like to our Gospel Values and our Dragon Code, but also that links to Scientists from the past, present – ranging in diversity. This enables children to see the work, determination and skills required to succeed. See below, the list of Scientists children look at throughout the year.

Over the past few years, our STEM Fortnight has focused on Climate Change and sustainability. Local Author Kath Wheatley shared her books with the children and our fortnight was planned around 3 of her books, The Not so Green Queen, The Carbon Monster and Rhema.

As a result, Kath is now working closely with us to complete national research, which she hopes to be monumental in the field of climate change and suitability in schools.

STEM WEEK- Engineering- Led by Pupil Parliament

STEM WEEK January 2024